Jewish Journeys strengthens the Jewish home through education, support, advice and connection as women continue to develop their Jewish identity.

Jewish Journeys inspires women, families and communities to change the world.

Jewish Journeys is dedicated to connecting Jewish women in northern New Jersey with their heritage, and encouraging Jewish spirituality by offering learning opportunities, sharing Jewish traditions and developing connections with fellow Jews from all over Northern N.J.  We partner with several other Jewish organizations to offer highly subsidized trips to Israel for both women and men. Participants experience more than just a tour, but what so many have described as a “life-changing” trip that inspires a deep connection to their heritage, Israel, a special long lasting bond with each other, and a lifetime of Jewish values to cherish.

JJ partners with Momentum formerly Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), who provides a highly subsidized birthright-type program for Moms and Dads. The program is called “Momentum.” It’s a nine day journey in Israel that connects participants to our homeland, our heritage, our Jewish values and to each other.

Momentum seeks to inspire Jewish Moms to re-connect with their heritage and then spread that inspiration to their children, their husbands, and their communities. The Dad’s trip is designed for the husbands of Momentum women that have gone on the trip, and want to experience that same exciting connection with Israel and each other — for themselves.

We are pleased to be partnering with: