Jewish Journeys

Jewish Journeys is a grassroots organization whose mission is to strengthen the Jewish home. It brings Jewish mothers from Bergen County on birthright–like trips to Israel through the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP). The Israel trip is only the beginning of the journey for the participants — it continues throughout the year and beyond, with weekly classes, monthly Challah bakes, Shabbat/holiday celebrations, Chesed/outreach programs and social activities.

The first Jewish Journeys JWRP trip took place in 2011 with 25 Bergen County women. To date, Jewish Journeys has brought more than 130 women with little or no formal Jewish educational background to Israel. The impact has been tremendous. Consequences have been everything from enrollment of children in Jewish schools, local Jewish programs and Israel summer trips, young collegiate involvement in on-campus Jewish organizations and birthright trips, increased Shabbat awareness and participation, engagement in local Jewish organizations and Synagogues, increased giving to Jewish causes and organizations, husband participation in a men’s Israel trip, and increased Israel advocacy.